About Us

     Welcome aboard the USS Columbus, a Central Ohio Chapter of Starfleet International, Region 1. Our group is a Family-friendly Star Trek and Sci-fi oriented fan club involved with Community Service, supporting various charity organizations,  sponsoring fund raisers and doing whatever we can to promote peace, respect, friendship, good will and hope for the future.

 We are looking to grow and cordially invite anyone into our group who is interested in Star Trek and Science Fiction in general. Our children and grandchildren are an important part of our lives, and our hope for the future, so we welcome families with children of all ages. We try to promote and participate in activities that are fun, but at the same time have educational value. 
Our mission is to uphold the principles of Starfleet , to try to make the world a better place for all by rendering assistance when and where it is needed and most of all to create an atmosphere of fun and fellowship.Our members uphold the principle of I.D.I.C. ( Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). We welcome one and all to come and be a part of our Star Trek Family.
The USS Columbus was commissioned on August 19, 1989. It is a Capital Class star ship,  Starfleet registry NCC-72401. As in Star Trek, our members hold fictional ranks and positions  on the ship.  Promotion points are awarded for attending meetings, events and doing special projects.

 Many of our members belong to Starfleet International, but this is optional, required only for those who wish to hold an office in the club.

We meet every third Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM on the premises of Star Base Columbus.  After meeting activities include going out to dinner as a group, watching movies or activities such as putt-putt golf and attending conventions.

Other activities include visiting museums, Perkins Observatory, participating in the Columbus International Festival and more!