Talaxian Cook-Off

The Pamela Bryant Talaxian Cook-Off Challenge

Every year the USS Columbus holds its signature event - a Talaxian Cook-Off challenge.  The object is to prepare "alien cuisine" that looks weird, but tastes good!   These culinary creations are judged on originality, appearance, presentation, texture and taste. A cash prize is awarded to the winner.  Members in good standing of any Star Trek Club are invited to participate in this unusual and unique cooking challenge.  Below are some pix of the creations from our 2010 cook-off.  If you would like to participate in our 2011 challenge please contact us to obtain a copy of the contest rules and regulations.  We are also looking for individuals to serve as judges for the contest.  

Bon Apetit!

Photos of the 2011 Cook-Off

Photos of the 2010 Cook-Off

Photos of the 2012 Cook-off  
Photos of the 2013 Cook-Off